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“There is reason for concern regarding the survivability of certain bee populations.” –Science

“All the bees are gonna die!” –Science Reporting

“All the bees are gonna die and we’re all gonna die too because of pollination and stuff!” –Science Blogging

“Five ways to save the bees.” –CNN

“How to help bees, monarch butterflies, and other insects that are being affected by our changing world.” –NPR

“Which dying bee are you?” –Buzzfeed

“This bee seems fine. Obama wants to eat your children. Also, booga booga boo!” –FOX News



Critter warriors prefer to ride these beasts into battle, because their protrusions function as merlons on crenellated parapets for archery while their spikes make it harder for combatants to mount them via siege weapons. Their speed isn’t as great as the winged airforce, but quite decent for land-based combat.

One warrior tribe thus mounted can successfully attack entire armies mounted on earthworms and even small groups on pillbugs.

Boulanger (Rhynchophis boulengeri)

Boulanger (Rhynchophis boulengeri)

To hunt at night, many snakes have evolved the ability to sense heat via infrared radiation. However, those that lack this capability have learned to tie lanterns to their heads to aid in nighttime hunting. Sadly, they have found that the string either chafe their mouths or prevent them from opening their jaws to their full capacity.

Thus, a small number of snakes have evolved protuberences on the front of their faces to which they may attach their lanterns without reducing their predatory efficacy.