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While I would prefer that wild animals not have to live in captivity, I support zoos because, first there’s not a lot of wild left and second, this bird would not survive in the wild.

You can make an argument that this bird shouldn’t survive and that evolution punishes accident-prone individuals in the same way it does genetics that don’t fit the environment. However, you can also make an argument that humans are altering the environment more quickly that evolutionary processes can adapt and that without a compensating mechanism, we will lose the majority of our biodiversity.

Both arguments are true. Only one applies to our lives and the lives of those we care about.



This bird is against vaccinations because three times as many people die from car crashes than from guns, and even more die from bad chemicals in the body*. This bird is bad at science and math, but pretty good at the Internet.

* It’s true! –



This young flamingo wishes the publishers would leave classic books alone.

He was just trying to read “Wikipedia Brown”, and it was the story was changing as it went along.

CarolinA Parakeet

Caroline Parakeet

The Carolina parakeet was once prevalent in the eastern United States. Due to hunting, and the fact that their behavior included flocking around injured birds, it has been extinct since 1920 and can only be seen via specimens like this, in museums.

Red Billed Leiothrix

Red Billed Leiothrix_1

This leiothrix esteems today’s English to be codswallop, unintelligible to our longfathers.

Holonyms and their associated meronyms, to the nethermost level, a panoply of prodigious constellation, are the crinkum-crankum of the Queen’s tongue, not fandangles for nithings and dandiprats besotted by linguistic errantry.

Today, disconfustication, for elucidation, has hithered our language toward palaverous flummery.

To rectify this situation, hereupon we ought cease mollycoddling those lollygagging lurdans, abjure modernity, and espouse lexical involution.