So you want more information about licensing my photos.As noted over in the Rights section, my photography is available for licensing. Due to the demands of my other endeavors, I cannot devote enough time towards volunteering where I wish I could.

See, I started on this hobby because I wanted to see as many species of animals as possible before they went extinct. The deeper I got into it, the more impressed I became with the conservation work going on in AZA and CAZA accredited zoos. When I was a kid, zoos were somewhat depressing places where various animals were collected and exhibited until they died (though this was changing in some places). Today, they are the last hope we have for many species. They are, in effect, holding animals in trust until the rest of humanity figures out a way to live without destroying our environment.

Thus, my photos are available in four use cases.

1) If you represent an AZA or CAZA accredited zoo, you may use my photos for free. This applies to both commercial and noncommercial use.  Zoos have used my work on calendars, postcards, posters, newsletters and signs. Some have talked about t-shirts, bags and books. Basically, if it raises money to help animals, I’m in favor. (Where feasible, I appreciate copies of what you make.)

2) If you are not a zoo and work in conservation, noncommercial use is free and odds are that I’ll give permission for commercial use. If you wish to use my work noncommercially, please credit me as “Josh More –”. If you want to let me know what you’re working on or ask for commercial rights, please contact me.

3) If you want to use my photos for commercial purposes, contact me. My rates are reasonable.

4) Finally, if you want me to come to your zoo and take photos, odds are that I’m interested. I have helped run fund raising events, photograph specific animals for marketing purposes – new zoo babies, new programs, newsletters, sign refreshes, etc. If you have an event that you want photographed, or if you want me to add you to my travel schedule, contact me. I’ll do what I can to make things work out.


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