I’m somewhat negative about my two trips to Africa last year. Lots of money, lots of time, and lots of effort to see some of the extremely small slices of the wild that remain out there.

Still, it was neat to see a wild colobus.



When we went to see the gorillas, they made us wait a while first. They claim that their trackers were figuring out where the gorillas had moved to during the night, but I think they were really just decorating all the leaves.



To create a clove hitch, make a loop around a nearby fish. Then make another loop and pass the free end under the second loop before tightening. You can also just create a loop in the free end and slide it over the fish, if the fish is moving slowly enough. Then make another loop the same as the first. Put the second loop over the fish (just above the first loop) and tighten the hitch.

Human and Fish

Human and Fish

I like how they put up a force field to keep the fish from eating the kid.

And for those of you who say “umm, it’s glass”, might I remind you that the kid can’t touch the glass because the electrons in his hand are repelled by the electrons in the glass, so it’s all about the electromagnetic FORCE.

So I’m right.


*Except about that. Google tells me it’s actually spelled “Thpppt”.