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Western Toad

Western Toad

Toad wondering if maybe the American dream isn’t really the idea that every person should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. What is the American dream is actually “you’re back in school, late for a test in a class you forgot to go to, you can’t find the room and you’re naked”?

Maybe we’re closer than we thought.

American Bullfrog

American Bullfrog

This frog did not force a bot to watch 10,000 hours of anything, because A.I. algorithms work a lot better on transcripts. Moreover, this frog did not force a bot to read the equivalent of 10,000 hours of transcripts because it’s even easier to just make something up and claim that you did the work and no one is going to ask for proof anyway.

Kihansi Spray Toad

Kihansi Spray Toad

Last year, I was excited to see the Kihansi spray toad at the Bronx Zoo, as it was one of the few places it was possible to see them.

I had forgotten that there were some at the Chatanooga Zoo. The other place you can see them is the Toledo Zoo.

I haven’t been Toledo, which means that I’ve only seen two thirds of the global population of these little guys.

Yeah, you can’t find them in Kihansi anymore, just in zoos.

Chinese Giant Salamander

Chinese Giant Salamander_5

Of course, when I’m there with a half-working system, that’s the time the Chinese giant salamander decides to pose. Good thing the Sony system does well in low light.

For those that track such things, this is a 100% crop at ISO 3200, hand-held at 1/60th of a second.

The salamander was about 15 feet* away. It would have looked a lot better on my Nikon.

* 4.5ish meters for those who use a decent** measurement system
** About 18.3 cham ams, for those who don’t