Indian Rhino

Indian Rhino

This rhino is well aware of the evidence. He knows about the studies. He knows about the damage it would cause to both the ecosystem. He knows it’s unnecessary. He knows that it’ll reduce work opportunities. He knows it’ll cost so much his children may starve to death.

But you see, if they don’t build the wall, he’ll have to admit that he was wrong, and that’s just unacceptable.

Red Billed Leiothrix

Red Billed Leiothrix_1

This leiothrix esteems today’s English to be codswallop, unintelligible to our longfathers.

Holonyms and their associated meronyms, to the nethermost level, a panoply of prodigious constellation, are the crinkum-crankum of the Queen’s tongue, not fandangles for nithings and dandiprats besotted by linguistic errantry.

Today, disconfustication, for elucidation, has hithered our language toward palaverous flummery.

To rectify this situation, hereupon we ought cease mollycoddling those lollygagging lurdans, abjure modernity, and espouse lexical involution.

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