Great Auk Egg

Great Auk Egg

This is a preserved egg from the Great Auk, now extinct.

The last known living egg was smashed by Ketill Ketilsson on June 3rd, 1844 as he helped his friends Jón Brandsson and Sigurður Ísleifsson kill the parents.

They were valuable, you see. Due to their rarity.

Sun Bear

Sun Bear_34

The zoo’s sign states:

“Kelang has been at the Gladys Porter Zoo since the year 2000. This exhibit is her home. Even though she doesn’t look as good as she did many years, she is as happy as a very old bear can be.”

The zoo has to say this because the “keep them in the wild” people not only don’t understand just how little “wild” there is left on this planet, but would rather animals die young, in pain, from illness and injury, than live out their lives in relative comfort.



This dragonfly suggests that, if you are displeased with the state of the world, you should burn it all down and start over. However, dragonflies are positioned to benefit greatly from global warming, so this dragonfly may not be a neutral party.

Why are you considering advice from a dragonfly anyway? They’re brains are extremely small.

Anyway, burying things deep into the earth or drowning them in the ocean is a more responsible use of carbon.

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