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This coyote observes that it’s less than a year before the next major US election, so it’s about time for a nice distracting war in the middle east.

This coyote plans to hide in his tail until 2021.



Sometimes you can’t come up with anything clever to say but really like the photo, so you post it on an international holiday and hope no one notices that you weren’t interesting in the caption.


Acceptable Horned Owl This owl wants to know how Santa delivers presents to: 1) Children that live in houses without chimneys 2) Children that live in hot desert areas that are inhospitable to reindeer 3) 69,550 children kept in cages along the US border



This wolf would like you to know that, on November 8th, 1519, Cortés reached Tenochtitlán, which was the midpoint of an invasion that killed thousands of natives and nearly one thousand of Europeans.

This wolf would also like you to know that on November 8th, 1520, Danish forces executed 100 Swedes.

The latter is called the “Stockholm Bloodbath” but the former is most often called “discovery”.

This wolf doesn’t understand humans.