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African Crowned Crane

African Crowned Crane_2

Crane explaining why you shouldn’t worry about the coming economic crash predicted to be ‘worse than the great depression’:

“No, see, the Panama Papers showed us that the rich people have been moving their money overseas for decades, so the vast majority of the world’s monetary supply will be fine. Oh, your money? Your money that’s trapped in the United States? Yeah, that’s going to be worthless, but there’s no point in worrying about it because those same rich people have placed strong barriers in place preventing you from doing anything about it. Since there’s nothing you can do, why worry?”

Cranes aren’t terribly useful economic advisors.



Bear pondering the fact that we had telegrams, then 140 character texts, then 140 character tweets with extensions (retweets, links, photos, etc), then doubled – and people are still writing “threads”.

Their minds will be blown when they discover paragraphs and essays.



Mountains usually stay put because they’re very sensitive and don’t want to destroy all the neat stuff we’ve built. They’ll wait until our bedtime and then sweep it all up when we’re not paying attention.



Cloud computing sounds cool, but you have to remember that clouds are one small part of the entire water cycle.

Remember to put bounds on your fractal generation scripts to prevent data leaks.

UV Flower

UV Plant_11

Since ultraviolet light doesn’t map to visual colours, sometimes I play with band separation to figure out what look I want. In general, the camera picks up UV light as red, orange, purple, and magenta, with two primary bands falling either into orange/purple or red/magenta. I can then use colour shifting to move them around a bit, and get this sort of blue. I think it looks nice.


UV Plants_1

I picked up an ultraviolet camera last year, but it wasn’t until a month or two back that I got the lens I needed with it. I had hoped that I could leverage older lenses with this camera and, as it turned out, the answer was “not really”. They do work, but they don’t have full transmission across all UV bands, so it wasn’t clear if I was getting everything I really wanted.

I still need to find a way to generate full spectrum UV light (the sun is a good source, I think, but I need a flouride spectrum or something to spread out the colours) so I can test the lenses I have to see how close they really are. I also have concerns that the camera itself may not be detected everything I want it to, but testing that is much harder as it means I have to convert several cameras so I can do side-by-side testing.

For now, enjoy the weirdness that is less than ideally scientific (non-fluorescent) UV photography.