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This tree is old, experienced, and successful at life and wants you to know that being placed into a commission structure in which you are rewarded based on your team’s performance while not having any ability to influence the team’s performance is not something you should worry about it.

There is a reason this tree is successful at life.


Canadian Rockies_3

These mountains are having a scheduling meeting to lock in the pre-meeting for the team meeting to prepare for the team’s presentation to the division meeting that prepares the division summary for the executive meeting to create the presentation to the board on why the company is having trouble executing and all the other mountains keep saying they’re busy.



In the US, we would have a big sign saying “do not ride your bike up the stairs” with a reference to some legal code and a likely description of the fine. In Canada, they just put a small sign encouraging the activity they want to see.

I want to see some sample Canadian information security policy books now.