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Wood Lake


Then, in the final minutes, just before the land succumbed to the growing darkness, they sky did lighten portending the impending arrival of the great wizard, prophesied to defeat the ultimate evil and save all the peoples of the land.

Alas, he forgot to correct for daylight savings time and everyone perished.

Infrared winged blackbird


The interesting thing to note here is the infracolour of the plants. The grasses in the front and the leaves in the back both reflect infrared light similarly.

The reason the back is so dark is not because of the infracolour of the leaves but because of how much infrared light is attenuated by the air.



Frogs have been around for a long time. They’ve seen humans learn to play with sticks. They’ve seen humans push those sticks into the mud to make pictures. They’ve seen those pictures turn into simplified symbols. They’ve seen those symbols simplify even further so they could be combined to increase meaning. They’ve seen the increased communication abilities drive global trade. They’ve seen global trade get sped up with computers. They’ve seen these computers translating the simplified symbols into other simplified symbols so people in different parts of the world can understand each other. They’ve seen people work together to improve this process, fostering global understanding and the creation of a world-wide list of characters so computers can understand all language on earth. They’ve even seen what humans do with this amazingly advanced technology.

Was it worth all the effort?