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Sardinian Brook Salamander

Sardinian Brook Salamander_4

Salamander whose starving family caused him to steal, whose ineptitude at theft got him caught and jailed, whose patience got him out, whose cleverness and luck bought him a brand new life, whose strength got him noticed, and who is now trying to decide whether to allow an innocent bear his punishment or publicly come forward as Salamander 24601.

Mindanao Water Monitor

Mindanao Water Monitor_1

For years now, this water monitor has been collecting the religious paraphernalia offered by various door knockers, only to give the most recent set of documents the next individual in line when they choose to visit. It has proven to be an effective way to disrupt the process.

This water monitor has no proof, but suspects that a similar approach would be effective when applied to unsolicited photographs of genitalia

Asian Spotted Climbing Toad

Asian Spotted Climbing Toad

The spots on this frog made me start to think of anti-vax jokes, but really, a social movement that kills our kids just isn’t funny.

As much fun as it is to call them “stupid”, the lack of education in our population reflects on our society’s spending priorities and – for decades – we’ve preferred killing others to protecting our children and creating a better world in which they could live. We’ve allowed a privileged few to create an uneducated population just to keep them in power – risking all of our lives and creating a weakness to be exploited by foreign agents.

The return of measles and mumps are just the leading edge of the maelstrom of consequences heading our way.

So, sorry, but other than ourselves, no joke here today.

Butterfly Splitfin

Butterfly Splitfin_3

The butterfly splitfin is sort of extinct in the wild. I say “sort of” because it was declared extinct, then they found some more, then they found others that had escaped captivity.

So it is, perhaps, more fair to say that their population has been greatly reduced and then dispersed throughout the area so, while not extinct in the wild, the easiest way to see them is still at zoos.

Galapagos Tortoise

Galapagos Tortoise_2

This tortoise would like to point out that, had aliens visited Earth and set up terraforming equipment that pumped carbon into the atmosphere and raised planetary temperature, humans would have fixed the problem in a couple of years, then would invented interstellar space flight, new weaponry, and spy tech, and then flown off to kick ass.

Australian Water Rat

Australian Water Rat_2

Rats have been around a long time. Rats were there when a weird looking primate decided to climb down from the trees and build a new life. Rats were there when those primates learned to work together – to protect one another – to ensure everyone had enough to eat. Rats were there when the primates developed technology, when they developed new methods of communication, when they learned to pair greed with fear, leveraging their desires for safety and comfort to drive world-wide expansion. Rats watched the primates slowly subvert the promises of safety and comfort into glee from taking those very things away from others. Rats watched most primates fight with one another over scraps while a small number of primates took more and more away from the rest – and not only the primates that were there, but the primates that were yet to be – stealing from the future simply so they could confidently withhold safety and comfort from those in the present.

Rats are watching primates destroy their own children’s’ future for no reason other than they know they won’t be alive then so it doesn’t matter. Rats don’t understand how – in a world where the majority power of these primates follow tenants that involve treating others well, feeding them, clothing them, taking care of them – the same majority power treats others poorly, starving them, stripping them, actively harming them. Rats don’t understand how primates can develop the ability to see the future and then, as a group, agree that the future doesn’t matter. Rats don’t understand, yet, but they’re trying. They’re studying. They’re learning.

When their turn comes around they won’t make our mistakes.



Axolotl pointing out that holding active shooter drills in the same environments that give rise to those shooters just teaches them how to more effective killers.

This axolotl knows that schools are all about learning but suspects that this may not be the best lesson.