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I love so many things about this sign.

I love how it’s so NYC centric in exactly the say that no New Yorkers would even think twice about it but everyone else has no frame of reference for exactly how tall some of those buildings are.

I love how it shows just how amazingly tall mountains are.

I love how there is some three-dimensionality both in how the sign is angled and in how the mountains and buildings are layered on top of one another.

Most of all, though, I love how if that snow leopard on the sign were moved into NYC, we’d have a full fledged “monster destroys the city” thing going on.



I am not an expert in sign design, but I think this system used at the Birmingham Zoo is fantastic. Yes, the reality of an ecosystem is far more complex than a 3-2-1 approach allows, but since the average person in the US has been lied to all their lives and forced away from science education, it’s one of the most effective systems I’ve seen for reaching the masses.

Sniff Port

Polar Bear_2

This is another interesting interactive display. You pretty much breathe through the sniff port and the polar bear comes to sniff your breath. Rumor has it that peanut butter is quite popular at the sniff port.

I would suspect that pickled herring would also be popular, but I don’t think kids eat quite so much of that so that may not yet have been discovered.



Go ahead, zoom in on this one. This is a fascinating display of animals that have ridden the “extinction train”, and which ones are on it right now … all placed at the eye height of children with buttons to press.

I have no idea if there is a group that assigns awards to zoo signs and displays, but this one should be considered. It’s brilliant.