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Bolivian Grey Titi Monkey

Bolivian Grey Titi Monkey_2

Compiling a list of things undreamt of in Horatio’s philosophy.

– Earth’s magnetic field
– Pulmonary circulation
– Telescopes
– Logarithms
– Laws of planetary motion
– Physics of gases
– Cellular biology
– Epigenetics
– Radio transmission
– Media-based limitations to the speed of light
– Calculus
– Bayesian probability
– Conservation of mass
– Elemental theory
– Extinction
– Electrochemical series
– Infrared radiation
– Atomic theory
– Heat engines
– Television
– Public education
– Electrical circuitry
– Electromagnetic induction
– Conservation of energy
– Absolute zero
– Voting rights for non-white men
– Evolution by means of natural selection
– Germ theory
– Entropy
– Photoconductivity
– Cathode rays
– Voting rights for women
– Piezoelectricity
– Liquid crystals
– Radioactivity
– Brownian motion
– Superconductivity
– Continental drift
– Atomic modeling
– Relativity
– Black holes
– Quantum mechanics and uncertainty
– Big bang theory
– The internet
– Antibiotics
– Hubble flow
– Caloric restriction
– Nuclear fission and fusion
– Information theory
– Quantum electrodynamics
– Vaccines
– Plate tectonics
– Quarks
– Cellular division limitations
– Pulsars
– Public health care
– Gravitation waves
– Polymerase reactions
– Extrasolar planets
– Cloning
– Neutrinos
– Grid cells
– Synthetic genomes
– Photonic molecules
– Gravitational waves

Golden Mantella

Golden Mantella_1

This frog is ticked off that he wasn’t consulted on the directorial choices of the latest movie in his favorite series. How dare they make make creative character choices while working within variants of the same mythic narrative structure as all of the other movies, especially after how lambasted they were for the previous film being so duplicative of others in the series? And the new aliens just piss him off. It’s a completely different galaxy for crying out loud. Everyone knows that galaxies are populated by exactly 153 alien races. Mostly, though, he is upset that $23 (including a medium size drink) doesn’t give him the right to dictate the direction of a billion dollar franchise.

He’s going to see the movie two more times, just to verify that he’s well and truly angry, and then it’s off to Reddit!