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I spent a lot of time trying to get a photo of this little one. Like many small birds, it was very skittish and wouldn’t let me get a clean shot until, finally, it moved to a place where it wasn’t occluded.

Still no idea what kind of bird it is.

Dusty Desert Spider

According to Encyclopedia of Life, “Alvarado-Castro and Jiménez (2011) provide a detailed account of the reproductive behavior of H. selenopoides, including the intriguing behavior in which the male wraps silk around part of the female.”

So that’s another cross-species behavior, for those of you keeping track.



Just another bird in flight.

The weird thing on his tail is a transmitter so the museum can find him if he gets distracted and leaves the area. Some birds can fly, but aren’t equipped to survive in the wild, and it’s not good when they get lost.