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Sun Conure

Sun Conure_1

For a long time, I read this name as “Sun Conjure”, as I really liked the idea of these little birds summoning the sun into existence every morning. It made a certain mythological sense. I could see people hearing the bright yellow birds every morning and seeing the bright yellow sun rise and assuming that the birds were the source of it all. There are just so many interesting stories that could be told in that framework. Their tweeting to raise the sun every morning could be the result of a millennia-old pact between humanity and the animals of the forest, resulting from a devastating war in which both sides lost heavily (and which explained fossils). A feather from a such bird could be the source of fire, a gift from nature to humanity so people could cook grain, reducing the need to hunt. The migration of such birds could explain the differences between the wet and dry seasons, so people could know what and where to plant.

Alas, one missing “j” and that theory was shot to hell.

So I looked it up. “Conure” comes from the modern Latin conurus, which is derived from the Greek words κῶνος (kônos) and ουρά (oura) for “cone” and “tail”. However, κῶνος also refers to pine cones and comes from the proto-Indo-European of “*ḱeh₃”, meaning “to sharpen”. Interestingly, the word “ουρά” comes from οὐρά, meaning line of marching people, which comes from the proto-Indo-European of “*h₃érsos”, meaning “buttocks”.

So “cone-tailed” parrots are also “sharp-assed” parrots, which makes a bit of sense.

However, I was curious as to what the natives called them, so I did more research and found that they are native to Roraima (now part of Brazil). However, Roraima’s history apparently started in the 17th century when the Portuguese discovered the Branco River. This then started multiple waves of fightings between the Portugul, England, the Netherlands, and Spain. The only mention I could find of native peoples were that they were there in 1700, enslaved and forced to live in village, then revolted. Then many of them were killed before they were “converted” into Protestant ranchers.

Apparently when white men are busy exploiting the natural resources of a land and destroying everything that lives there, no one bothers to ask the natives what they think of all those little yellow birds tweeting nearby. So we’ll never know.

I, for one, like to think that they make the sun rise.

Giant Anteater

Giant Anteater_4

We live in a world at risk. The very technologies that drive our way of life are destroying ourselves. Burning gas and oil release molecules into the air which is changing the climate, harming our ability to grow food. Nuclear power results in radioactive waste that can take thousands to millions of years to become safe. Wind and water power is simply not available everywhere and the mass enslavement of humanity to live underground, providing labor for the elites is fraught with literary difficulties.

But there is another way.

Just consider, all of this is powered by ants!

Ants are self sustaining. Ants are highly prevalent, living almost everywhere on earth. Though actually red and black, ants are green in terms of the adopted environmental vernacular. Invest in ants today!

Ants: the new energy source, for a cleaner, safer, planet.

(This ad brought to you by the International Ant Board.)