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Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat

This is the best photo of a naked mole rat I’ve ever taken.

Usually, they’re hiding because it’s daytime and they have scratched the heck out of their glass front so there’s no chance.

They’re not the prettiest animal out there, but for a critter that lives a weird sort of mammalian insect it sure does look the part.

Vet Station

Play Vet_1

The Oglebay Good Zoo is named after Philip Mayer Good, but it’s a pretty good zoo nonetheless. It’s a small zoo for a small city, but they do a lot with what they’ve been able to get.

In particular, I like this little kid-sized vet clinic with various instruments and exam tables. Not pictured is the rack of stuffed animals over to the right where kids can select their patients, ranging from tigers, to wolves, to dinosaurs.