I think that people who live in a city are so used to certain structures that they just fade away and they see the new interesting thing that was put in front of them.

For people who do not live in that particular city, though, the styles might look a bit clashy.



I got a new lens quite some time ago that I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately, it is too big and bulky to take on interesting travels, so I took it to a butterfly garden … which didn’t let me use the flash that the lens really requires.

Then I spent a year not doing much traveling or photography at all. Maybe I’ll get to use it more come summer.



I like the look that the LensBaby lenses give you, but it’s extremely hard to track a moving animal with them. The squirrel isn’t posed as I’d like, but this is the best that can be done most of the time.

Seattle Japanese Garden


I do not remember if I have posted this set before. In the last two years, I have had numerous photo processing failures, involving software, disks, and laptops. Thankfully, I have had good backups. There were also network issues, server issues, numerous time management issues and many other competing priorities. I processed this particular set at least three times.

But here you are – a stone lantern.

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