First time touching a jelly.

This photo was taken last year, before everything in the world became covered with a randomly-deadly virus.

Why can’t we ever discover a novel virus that grants long life, critical thinking, or kindness?



I like photos of people looking out over the water.

Since I’ll be doing local traveling with people to lakes this summer, expect a lot more like this.

If you think it’s boring, try to spot the lake monsters under the waves.

Iona’s Beach


The water sure is pretty.

Pretty damn cold, that is. I have been informed that it is so cold as to be unswimmable. I have always had my cameras with me, so I have not tested the claim personally.

Perhaps this summer when the temperature hovers in the 90’s.

Iona’s Beach


This is a beach on the North Shore that, unlike every other beach I have seen, is entirely covered in large round rocks of similar colour and size. It is absolutely amazing … though perhaps not as comfortable to rest on as beaches where the grains of sand are somewhat smaller.

I do not know who Iona is/was.

Southern White Rhino

Southern White Rhino

It is erroneous to say “science doesn’t support re-opening this early”. Science simply suggests that opening this early will cause a large number of otherwise unnecessary* deaths and a likely shortened and more painful lifespan for some of the survivors.

Politically, this needs to be balanced against other critical factors, like the availability of haircuts** and stock market indices. So it’s really a heads vs tails sort of thing.

* Don’t get me started on the concept of “necessary deaths”.



Zoos in some cities have a lot of public art, some designed for the zoo, some left over from city-wide art competitions.

I just wanted to mention that, for those of us still trapped in quarantine (or about to be re-trapped after the coming COVID spike hits in some states (looking at you, Georgia)), you can make your own public art and put it in your home. Then, when you’re bored, you can box it all up and ship it to a friend to hide throughout their house while you get a box from theirs. All sorts of fun can be had.

(Just be sure to either let the box sit long enough for any latent viruses to degrade, or disinfect it as you unpack.)

Cardinal Tetra

VA-cardinal tetra

When I was young, I was told that the american cardinal was named after the tendency of roman catholic cardinals to wear bright red.

I look at this fish and am suddenly doubting my knowledge of history.

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