Duck pondering the idea that, if you give the top level of government to a bunch of billionaires and the first thing they do is take away people’s health care, using job lock-in to prevent them from exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, that maybe that alone is proof that trickle down economics doesn’t work.

Archer Fish

Archer Fish_1

Quiz time! These fish are called “archer” fish because:

i) When they get excited, they quiver.
*) During breeding season, they make a noise that sounds like “Phrasing!”
c) The odds are ever in their favor.
4) They shoot insects with jets of water.
д) Their long lives pass like swift draughts of the sweet mead.
ζ) They are unhealthily obsessed with the death of their city.



This moth was feeding in a flower in the early morning. I was about three meters away … and three meters below it. I was shooting hand-held.

This is one of those shots that really should not have been possible

Infrared Tree


This is a sandbank that is entirely underwater half of the day, due to tides. The tree roots helps keep it together.

The constant movement of the tides creates an interesting dappled texture that is much more noticeable in the deep infrared.



Taken with my low-light camera in rather lower light than it was designed for.

As I’ve said before, it never really gets too dark for photography. It just gets progressively more impressionistic outside.

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