Fish realizing that the fundamental flaw with Facebook’s “block” feature is that it creates a nurturing environment for abuse, as everyone who would ordinarily be community social enforcers do not see the postings of problematic individuals. This prevents them from providing corrective action and allows abuses to compound over time until the experience of long-term community members is in direct opposition of new members, actively inhibiting growth and promoting an early death to the group itself.

Giant Anteater

Giant Anteater_4

We live in a world at risk. The very technologies that drive our way of life are destroying ourselves. Burning gas and oil release molecules into the air which is changing the climate, harming our ability to grow food. Nuclear power results in radioactive waste that can take thousands to millions of years to become safe. Wind and water power is simply not available everywhere and the mass enslavement of humanity to live underground, providing labor for the elites is fraught with literary difficulties.

But there is another way.

Just consider, all of this is powered by ants!

Ants are self sustaining. Ants are highly prevalent, living almost everywhere on earth. Though actually red and black, ants are green in terms of the adopted environmental vernacular. Invest in ants today!

Ants: the new energy source, for a cleaner, safer, planet.

(This ad brought to you by the International Ant Board.)



This is a twist formed out of two twisted cables, which are made of twisted metal wire.

I have no idea if the twisted structure extends to the metallic crystals within the wires, the atomic structure of the atoms, or the subatomic structure of each atom’s nucleus.

But I like to think it does.

Fin Whale

Fin Whale_41

If homeopathy applies for conservation*, we’re doing just fine. Years from now, the entire ocean will hold onto a low resounding echo of whale song, persisting for generations after the last lonely whale is gone.

* Spoiler alert: it doesn’t**
** It also doesn’t apply to medicine

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