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Peru 2015 – Throwback Thursday


In the Amazon, there is a high- and a low-water season. In the low water season, the water flow is much slower and it comes from much nearer than the mountain highlands. This means that the water where we were is poorly oxygenated, so the fish swim to the surface to get the oxygen they need. This results in rivers of fish within rivers of mud. A cornucopia of fish, if you will.

Throwback Thursday

Fish (Possible Gobi)_9
This fish might be a goby. It might be something else. It might be defending its burrow, it might be advertising for a mate. If it is advertising for a mate, it might decide to be either male or female, or it might decide to sneak into someone else’s mating session and provide a contribution. Frankly, there is too much uncertainty involving this fish and it should be thrown back. (Though if it’s a frillfin goby, it might jump back, so check for that first.)

Throwback Thursday!

Even though I don’t know what it is, I’m going to take a wild guess and say “It’s got weird looking antenna parts, a bizarre mouth, strange spindly and spikey legs and it spends its time making out with flowers. Whatever you’re thinking, don’t eat it. Throw it back!”