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American Kestrel (Falco sparverius)

American Kestrel (Falco sparverius)_22
Facing her arch-nemesis*, Kestrel takes a deep breath and prepares to unleash her astonishing super sonic** scream, in the hopes of blasting*** her enemy backwards and into the clutches**** of her partner.*****

* Well, nemesis, perhaps. Can one truly tell when one’s nemesis is arch until one has completed one’s career and had a chance to assess all the variables?
** Technically, all screams are sonic. This one, though, is sonic and particularly loud as well. Super loud, actually.
*** Metaphoric blasting, that is. The intent is to overload the target’s senses and stun them. It would take a lot more energy to physically move the target than can be stored within a kestrel.
**** “Talons” would be more accurate, but they do clutch, so the word usage is likely sufficiently clear.
***** For some reason, Marvel Comics hasn’t accepted one of my scripts yet.

Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Bobcat (Lynx rufus)_25
This bobcat was taken from the wild and turned into a house pet, then was terribly malnourished and confiscated by the state. He eventually wound up at the zoo and, under their care, was given medical treatment and moved over to a diet of true meat (as opposed to the frozen fish sticks he had been eating). This photo was taken on the first day he was allowed outside in his new home. You can tell that he’s not entirely sure what’s going on.

One year later, I visited again. I could get no photos because, once he became healthy, he became a wild animal once again and it was no longer safe for me to be near him.

Photographs are a moment in a time. At the time I took this photo, he was a sick, scared, wary little cat. Today, he is a powerful, dominant near-wild animal. While I’m somewhat sad that I can’t get photos of him anymore, I’m happier at the same time.

White Chicken

Things white chicken says:

“Of course I prefer to hang around with other chickens like me. It’s just a class thing.”
“Privileged! I had to WORK for what scratchings got.”
“I prefer to be referred to as a chicken of European descent.”
“We live in a post-breedist barnyard.”
“I don’t understand why those hungry chickens get extra feed. I work just as hard as them.”
“Actually (despite the fact that birds have five different types of photo-receptors), I’m colorblind.”