With a very expensive tilt lens, I could have gotten the squirrel in perfect focus without having that distracting line of focus going down the slope. (Cost: $2,000)

Another approach would be to use a LensBaby Lens Composer, which isn’t as good as a tilt lens, but a lot cheaper (Cost: $300)

Alternatively, I could achieve a similar effect with a tilt/shift adapter or a bellows unit for an existing lens. (Cost: $100 – 200)

Yet another way to do it would be to use Photoshop and just blur that area out. (Cost: $30/mo)

However, there are free and “cloud” options like Photoshop Express, GIMP, and Pixlr. (Cost: $0 + the time to learn something new)

The option I chose, of course, is do nothing and spend the time I could have spent correcting the issue researching the costs of how to fix the problem, ’cause I’m all meta and stuff.