Electric White Lobster

Electric White Lobster_3

This is an electric white lobster. Why is it called that? Because it’s white, and it’s related to the electric blue crayfish. Neither have electric powers. Instead, the colour is named after lightning and, apparently, was popular in the 1890’s where they distinguished between deep electric blue (aka French electric blue), iridescent electric blue, medium electric blue, and dark electric blue.

Wikipedia takes care to note that iridescent electric blue is only metaphorically electric and metaphorically iridescent. However, odds are that you are looking at this on some sort of computer screen, so it is metaphorically iridescent, but all of these blues are actually electric.

That also means that, even though there is no such thing as electric white, the white you are seeing in the electric white lobster above is, actually, electric. It’s other name is the White Ghost Lobster. It, however, neither a lobster nor a ghost.

This is a crayfish.