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African Spotted Necked Otter

African Spotted Necked Otter_4

Otter that has accepted the fact that birds suddenly appear every time you are near, but is still puzzled as to the mechanism.

– Have they been camouflaged this whole time?
– Are they teleporting? If so, from where?
– Do they somehow bend space-time, appearing through extremely short-lived wormholes?
– Is it dimensional slippage? Does that make them refuges from collapsing alternate universes?



Squirrel that is puzzled as to why a highly intelligent invasive species that can eat everything and forms collaboration groups to invent new ways to defend its members wants to spend so much time being afraid of things.

Humans are weird.

Ground Squirrel


Squirrels have all the answers:

How did I get here?
You opened your web browser and viewed this post.

How do I work this?
Try the scroll wheel or arrow keys. There’s usually more to see.

Where is that large automobile?
If it’s not where you left it, call the number on the towing sign.

What is that beautiful house?
About $40,000 in materials and $80,000 in labor that is being sold for $1,500,000 because you can look out the windows and see water.

Where does that highway go to?
Vanishing middle America. Maybe take that large automobile on a leisurely journey instead of battling the airport next time.

Am I right?
Not often.

Am I wrong?
Yes, that is your usual state.

My God! What have I done?
You just spent five minutes laughing at a squirrel that never went to school, yet knows more than you do.

Squirrels are also rather judgmental and condescending.

Bactrian Camel


Bactrian camel listening to Owl City’s “Fireflies,” realizing that ten million fireflies would weigh 440 pounds would generate 6000 lumens of light.

As 6000LM flashlights are $40 on Amazon and weigh a lot less, this camel thinks that Adam Young needs an economics lesson.