Swift Fox

Swift Fox_8

I saw no chicks with bricks or blocks.
I saw no tricks with chicks and clocks.

I made no stacks of tricks and bricks.
I made no stacks of clocks and blocks.

I saw no crows. I saw no clothes.
I saw naught but just one nose.

There was some goo. Though ’twas not blue.
No band, nor bend, nor broken broom.

No lake, no duck, no licks, no luck.
No cheese, no fleas, no breeze for mees.

I did look, for beetle battles.
I did look, for poodle noodles.

No bugs were found, nor their paddles.
Nor were any duddled muddles.

There were no ticks. There were no tocks.
’twas nothing found, for lack of socks.