Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)_10

This koala disapproves of your music, your movies, and your games because they do not match the values with which he was raised. He does not understand the technology you use or what you do with it. He misses having a job that he liked where he was more important that most everyone else. He wants the world to go back to the way he remembers it being, even though it was never that way and his memories have been carefully forged by a deliberately shoddy educational system and untrustworthy media.

This koala has been abandoned by the systems created to protect him. He has been abandoned by those who used to spend time with him. He has been abandoned by those who could try to understand his concerns and help him to make sense of the deluge of changes he faces. He feels worthless and confused … and he hates that feeling.

This koala has many friends who feel exactly the same way and who have nothing to do during the long, slow, and lonely Tuesdays.

This koala is going to vote for that rhetoric that is understandable to someone who feels lost in this new, scary, world and is afraid of further change. No amount of discussion will change his mind because, to him, there only one who seems to care. Lectures will not change his mind. Logic will not change his mind. Impassioned pleas will not change his mind.

Listening might.