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When we went to see the gorillas, they made us wait a while first. They claim that their trackers were figuring out where the gorillas had moved to during the night, but I think they were really just decorating all the leaves.



To create a clove hitch, make a loop around a nearby fish. Then make another loop and pass the free end under the second loop before tightening. You can also just create a loop in the free end and slide it over the fish, if the fish is moving slowly enough. Then make another loop the same as the first. Put the second loop over the fish (just above the first loop) and tighten the hitch.

Snowdon Aviary

Aviary IR_2

One interesting thing about going to historical zoos is how seldom the buildings, built to house animals, gave any consideration to the animals at all.

Decimus Burton, the first architect of the zoo is on record as being quite upset that his brilliant designs, made so people can appreciate the animals, were being thrown away because, as it turned out, they were also killing the animals that lived there.

While not as bad as that, this aviary has also reached the end of its useful life and there were signs up about how the zoo planned to replace it soon.

The more we learn, the more we realize just how wrong we were when we thought we knew what we were doing. I think this is true in all fields, but more apparent in the world of zoos.



I seldom post other people’s photos, much less photos of other people’s photos.

However, I have to mention that a little over 100 years ago, the largest lizard – with a massively infectious, poisonous, *and* venomous bite (to the point that a bite is often a death sentence, even with modern medical technology, with people dying of infection even years after the bite) came to the London Zoo … and small children got to pet it.